Steady B - Founder and Broadacster

Steadman Bernard is a certified Radio Broadcaster with training in voice, speech, news writing and broadcasting. He has many years of experience as a Broadcaster, Producer and Engineer and formally worked for Roots 96.1 FM Community Radio in Kingston Jamaica. Steadman is married to his wife, Phyllis and has 3 sons, Ryan,  Steven  and Shamar and two grand children Stephan and Sadreke.

Steadman is the founder of SB Gospel Radio, and currently hosts the music and talk shows. His passion is to spread the gospel of Jesus through music and media entertainment and help to guide persons as they journey on earth and prepare them for eternal life.

Sister Phyll - Co-Founder and Host of Prayer Inspirations

Phyllis Coburn-Bernard is wife of Steadman Bernard and is a professional Counsellor. Phyllis has many years’ experience in community development and youth leadership. Her academic background is in counselling, education and administration. She holds a B.A degree in Sociology from York University in Canada, as well as a M.A Degree in Counselling from Nottingham University in UK.  She is also the author of several books including "Restore:The Formula for 100 percent Wholeness".  Phyllis has a heart for worship, and is currently the host of Prayer Inspirations aired every Thursday night at 6:00 pm EST.

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About SB Gospel Radio 

SB Gospel Radio (SBGR) arises out of the need for a 'straight gospel’ Internet Radio streaming from Toronto, Southern Ontario Canada. 

Purpose: Our  sole purpose is to win the lost for Christ. We believe that having a voice on the Information Highway can be an effective tool for  Evangelism.

Vision: For  listeners to encounter life changing experiences and celebrate with a global community of Believers.

Mission:To witness to Christians and non-Christians alike through 24 hours non-stop gospel/Christian music and uplifting content - preaching, teaching, praying,  reading and exploring the Word/the Bible.

Our tag line “Changing the World of Web” recognizes the powerful influence that the Web can have on people. SBGR wants to  saturate the air waves with the positive message of hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.

We invite you to celebrate with us! Join us each day for a fun experience of gospel music, the spoken word, prayer inspirations and great testimonies.

Thank you to all our faithful partners. If you would also like to partner with us, you can do so by clicking the donate button below.  Together we can spread the good news that Jesus saves!